About Our Adventure

Hello, we are Scott, Kate, Emery, and Finn Veltkamp and  we decided to take a trip around the United States in the summer of 2015. We sold and donated the majority of our possessions, purchased a 5th wheel camper and 1 ton truck, moved out of our 3000 square foot home in Grand Rapids, MI and began traveling the country. The idea of simplifying our lives in such a way was daunting–and yet so worth it. Instead of being overwhelmed by possessions and stressed by the chaos of busy lives, we chose to follow our dream of seeing new horizons often and experiencing the beauty of Nature in the best way we knew how–by immersing ourselves in it. We finally asked ourselves why, if we could live anywhere, weren’t we living everywhere?



Scott is fortunate enough to have a career that allows him to work remotely. As the Creative Director of Spartan, a web consulting/development company, he can work from anywhere as long as he has internet access. Scott loves breaking out strategy board games, fancy cocktails, basketball, and oldies.

Kate is the manager of the family and full time educator to Emery and Finn. She’s passionate about caring for her loved ones, vegan cooking, traveling, and experiencing new things. She can be found reading historical fiction or playing various RPGs.

Emery is a 6 year old girl who loves history, reading, and gathering specimens in every location so that she can examine them with her microscope. She was sad to leave her friends and family, but is thoroughly enjoying the changing sights as we journey on.

Finn is a 3 year old boy who can usually be found joking around or wrestling his dad and is known for his ability to make others laugh. He is obsessed with music and the smells of everything and enjoys learning about marine life.