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Hello friends! I wanted to fill you guys in on what we have been up to the last little while. In the fall we enjoyed longer stays near family, chasing the perfect autumn views. Then we chose to ignore winter altogether in Florida for the holiday season. I have tons of photos and stories to share from that period in another post. In truth those months were sort of a rest from adventuring, a time of relaxation from the road but also of being quite busy.

After Florida we high-tailed it to Texas over a couple of days. We were ready to hang out in one of our favorite cities–Austin. The park we enjoyed camping at last time was booked, so we ended up booking a week at an RV park very close to town–just a 10 minute drive to downtown! At $360 for a week though, we spent just the 7 days there, and then headed out of the city to Lake Travis. And, despite the great location, we needed a more natural environment.

We met up with some friends of ours, The Vegan Voyagers, who decided to come stay the week at Pace Bend Park with us. There was no one else camping there, and even though a few nights were quite chilly, we enjoyed the serene beauty of Texas Hill Country.

We loved getting to hang by the fire and chat with Aaron and Hayden. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it elsewhere on this blog, but traveling can get lonely, even if you have a spouse and children. Sometimes you meet interesting people, and sometimes you binge watch another show at night. So it was so refreshing to meet up with these two like-minded people and get to know them. We shared a few meals, made drinks, played games and also went hiking together at Hamilton Pool. During the warmer months the county-run natural pool is quite busy and you actually have to reserve a time slot to go visit.

The weather was perfect that day and I felt happy to check this popular location off my list without having to deal with massive crowds or wait lists.

So after a week of camping next to each other, we said goodbye to Aaron and Hayden and then set out west again. Remember how I just said we avoided winter? Well, we did… until we willingly drove right toward it to New Mexico and Arizona. I have so many photos to share from our very recent 2 weeks in the desert for next time!

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  1. Loved the post. It was fun to catch up and see the warm weather, while we still have quite a cool breeze.

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