Planning Woes combating my plan-phobic nature for the sake of practicality

I have never been a planner. Sure, I enjoy walking down the planner aisle at Target, looking at their pretty designs and pretending I’ll follow through and actually make the $20 purchase worth it. I usually start out strong, blocking out each day and even scheduling spontaneous time so I can keep my sanity. But the truth is I always quit after awhile. Knowing everything that will happen in a given day stresses me out and cramps my style. Don’t get me started on how menu planning completely blocks my creative cook side. However, I’m not above admitting that this trait of mine has hindered our trip this year. The holidays and summer vacations, even the snowbirds in Arizona,–we didn’t prepare for them. These times of not knowing where we would camp next added more stress and made me feel pretty lame.

Secret Beach, OR
Secret Beach, Oregon Coast

At the same time, some of our best spots and favorite memories happened when we didn’t prepare at all. I never wanted to feel trapped in a certain spot because of a paid reservation, and I loved the idea of being completely free from planners, alarms, and bookings. I just wanted to roll with it and go where the wind took us. That way, if we loved a certain area, we could stay longer and not sweat it. (Ojai, CA comes to mind. A completely accidental find, we stayed there the maximum 3 weeks and the town is now on our list of possible places to settle down–all thanks to spontaneity.)

Balanced Rock, ID. Another spontaneous find.
Balanced Rock, ID. Another spontaneous find.

So this is new for me. I *need* to plan the next few months out because I don’t want to be stuck in another KOA or crappy rv park because of my lack of preparing. I have a planner beside me, pencil in hand, and too many tabs open on Chrome for research. I’m looking ahead all the way to February. It feels so strange. I am calling places all over the east, laying out timelines, making reservations. We are heading to the Appalachians during their busiest season, and Florida when it’s packed with the snowbirds–I have to suck it up, pretend to be an adult, and pencil them all in. At least I get comfort from knowing there’s an eraser on this pencil, and I can always make a change if need be. 


  1. I would be the same way! I hope the feeling of accomplishment over road any stress involved in making the plans.

  2. Found your blog through a link on a facebook page and so glad I did! We are fulltime RVing as well, and have been doing some updates to the camper so I loved reading your post on that. As far as the planning, this was fantastic to read. I am the SAME way and it has been one of our biggest hurdles to cross with fulltime travel. But the mom in me feels a lot better knowing we have reservations made. We are planned through January, but I tell the freespirit inside me we can always change the reservations!

  3. We could be best friends in real life, but even that much committment cramps my style 😉 loving your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah, I’m not a planner either. I have a calendar where I jot down the most critical things, but otherwise I totally wing it. I have been on the phone the day before attempting to secure a spot for as long as possible. I seem to fail each time I try to plan in advance. Our schedules change or something happens and we have to head back to our hometown for family needs. 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one. Thanks for sharing!!

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