Topsail State Park White Sandy Beaches

I have always loved the tropical climates, white sand beaches, and swimming in the ocean. So when we started planning our route, a few stops in Florida were a must. We didn’t make it as far down as we wanted (to the keys) due to the parks being either booked, or looking pretty shady yet still being very expensive. We did find Topsail State Park, and when we found an opening for a week to stay, we had to jump on it. The park was nice, although it did rain heavily for the first 2 days being there. Once the rain let up, we went exploring. It was a 3/4 of a mile bike ride from our campsite to the ocean. The entire beach has been preserved so there isn’t the feel of commercialism found at some beaches in Florida with crowded resorts up and down the beach. It was a more natural feel and was fantastic. When we went to the shore the first time, we weren’t really prepared to swim, but we also didn’t know how much Finn was going to love playing in the waves. Since there was the remnants of a hurricane passing through, the rip tide was pretty strong, so he’s lucky I had a good grip.


Over the next day or 2 the weather cleared up and we were able to head back to the beach with some swimming and sun involved. And, of course being the explorer that she is, Emery had to gather different specimens and shell samples off of the beach. As I sit here typing this, there’s a box of dirty feathers she’s collected that constantly get left around the camper and I’d love nothing more than to throw it out. But she’s just so damn excited about all her findings, I just can’t do it.

Of course, there’s always time to mess around in the mud and be sassy.


For Halloween, we went in to Seaside, about 20 minutes away from the park. It’s where the Truman Show was filmed. It was rainy again when we got there, but we ended up having a pretty good time even with the rain going on and off throughout the night.



This was one of the more expensive places we’ll end up staying at, and the only reason we booked it is because anywhere in Florida was hard to get booked in short notice. It was a nice park, but we got more of the same type of “untouched” beach without the bike ride, and with an even cooler campground feel for cheaper at St Joseph Peninsula State Park. This keeps the trend of ‘the cheaper the place, the more we like it’ going.

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  1. so nice to see Finn and Emery again and her Mummy a Beauty Halloween woman

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